The best nutrition for your child

Immediately after the birth of the placenta, your body is already preparing for the next step: feeding your baby. Nature has arranged it so that the mother’s milk is always the best nutrition for her child. Breast milk is perfectly tailored to your baby’s needs, growth and immune system.


Breastfeeding advice

The World Health Organization recommends complete breastfeeding to your baby for at least six months. It’s up to you whether you want to breastfeed the baby or not and especially how long you want to do so. It only works if you yourself are behind your choice.

You can prepare yourself for breastfeeding by reading information and/or attending an information evening. You can expect help and support from us and your maternity care immediately after the birth of your child and in the postpartum period. Extra attention may sometimes be needed in the postpartum period if breastfeeding is very difficult. We then recommend help from a lactation consultant. During the checkups at the practice, we will discuss with you your wishes about the desired nutrition for your child. There is room for your questions around feeding so that we can support you in the best possible way.

We will make no secret of the fact that we are in favor of breastfeeding. But whatever choice you make, we offer you support in feeding your child.

Want to know more about breastfeeding?

Sometimes the breastfeeding period is not without obstacles and it is necessary to bring in additional help to support breastfeeding. Additional help then is a lactation consultant, an expert on breastfeeding. In our practice, Joyce is the designated person for this purpose. On days when she is not working there are other lactation experts in Haarlem who will be happy to help you, the midwives can refer you for this. Lactation assistance is also often covered by insurance. However, it is a good idea to check with your insurance company about any reimbursement first.

The Mamacafé in Haarlem

Also in Haarlem there is the “Mamacafé” where lactation experts are present for short questions about breastfeeding but you can also have a nice coffee together with other mothers and your child(ren).