Preparing for the delivery

Every delivery is different, and we are there to guide you trough it the best we can. A healthy child and a healthy mother is most important.

It is helpful to have followed an informational pregnancy course before this consultation and/or to have reviewed the information on the Rondom Zwanger website. A 360-degree tour of the delivery rooms at the Spaarne Gasthuis is also available on this website.

A good delivery can be facilitated by proper preparation. A good start is having confidence in yourself, the pregnancy and the people who support you during labor (your birthing team). By consciously preparing yourself and expressing insecurities, you avoid fear and ignorance.


Week 32 to 36…

Between 32-36 weeks we take extra time during the consultation to discuss the delivery, you may wish to use a birth plan. A birth plan is a document that describes your expectations and wishes around childbirth.

At 36 weeks, we will go over when it is important that you call us when your labor begins. Remember, you may call us anytime in case of concern.

Your personalized birth plan

With us, you can create your personal birth plan online. It will be sent directly to your email after it is drafted, and we will receive a copy of your birth plan so we are immediately informed.