Child Wish

At the practice we offer possibility to make an appointment if you want to get pregnant.


Child wish consultation Haarlem

The child wish consultation allows for questions and advice around preparing for a possible pregnancy. Some of the foundation for your child’s healthy life lies before and during pregnancy. The consultation will include topics such as: child wish for the first time, or after a previous pregnancy or miscarriage, fertility, health of you and your partner, health of both families, healthy lifestyle, risks, choices in prenatal testing and any specific questions from you or your partner.

Cost of childbirth consultation Haarlem

The childbirth consultation is not covered by most health insurance companies. The costs of this consultation is €60.

If you have a child wish and have questions about this, you can always make an appointment. To do so, call our practice on weekdays Monday through Friday morning between 9:00-13:00.