Prenatal Screening

During pregnancy, you can have tests to see if the baby in your belly has a chromosomal disorder or a physical abnormality. We call this prenatal screening.


There are two types of screening:

  1. Screening for Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome and Patau syndrome: the NIPT(Non-Invasive Prenatal Test).
  2. Screening for physical abnormalities: the 13-week ultrasound and the 20-week ultrasound.

You decide whether you want to have these tests done. We would like to inform you about the possibilities of prenatal screening. Did you indicate during your first visit with us that you would like to learn more about prenatal screening? Then you will receive detailed information about this (counseling).

More about Prenatal Screening

For more information, leaflets and animation videos, visit, the website on pre- and neonatal (after birth) screenings.