Ultrasound at Bolwerk

Get ultrasounds during pregnancy at our brand new ultrasound center at Staten Bolwerk with our experienced ultrasound technicians. We use the latest equipment and that opens up a lot of possibilities for you. It is always possible to have additional ultrasounds or a ultrasound for fun (in 3D and 4D) or to come and listen to the heart more often.


Reasons for an ultrasound

There are several reasons to have an ultrasound during pregnancy, it can be a medical ultrasound or at your own request. In the first trimester, for example, you can do an early ultrasound around 7-8 weeks of pregnancy to see if the heart is beating. We then immediately check to see if the pregnancy is in the right place – in the uterus – and if it is a twin or multiple.

Reimbursements for ultrasound scanning

Standard ultrasounds during pregnancy:
The ultrasound around 10 – 12 weeks, or the term ultrasound, the “13-week ultrasound” and the one around 18 – 22 weeks, the “20-week ultrasound”, are all part of the structural ultrasound examination and are covered by your basic health insurance.
In addition, a reason may arise that causes an additional ultrasound to be done to check growth or location, for example. If you would like additional ultrasounds on your own request, you are always welcome to do so.

An ultrasound on your own request

You may schedule an ultrasound on your own request at any time during your pregnancy. Sometimes it can give you an extra sense of security at the beginning of your pregnancy. If you have had a previous miscarriage, you can have an early ultrasound called a vitals ultrasound. The midwife then provides a referral and this ultrasound is also covered by the health insurance company.

If you are curious about the gender, you can have an ultrasound to determin the sex of the baby. This is possible with us from 15 weeks of pregnancy. You can also contact us for the most beautiful 3D, 4D and HD live ultrasound. Ultrasounds on your own request are not covered by health insurance.

Having an ultrasound done at Bolwerk?

Would you like to have an ultrasound at Staten Bolwerk in Haarlem?
Our experienced ultrasound technicians will be happy to schedule an appointment with you!